Vibrate to the Frequency of Love 8-class Kundalini Yoga Series with Rosan Cruz

This February, practice, meditate and open your heart chakra with the seven-class heart kundalini yoga series to clear blocks, pain and barriers that will allow life to flow into you.

When your energy vibrates at the frequency of love, your being fills up with the most joyous, healthy vitality that you can ever imagine and your entire physiology moves into an optimized state. In the frequency of love, your DNA expresses in ways you never even knew could be possible. You discover new awareness and new intuition. You are able to connect deeply with others and recognize that the same love that resonates in their soul resonates with yours. You can release an incredible amount of vibrant energy into your body and into your life. You end up falling in love with life and life falls in love with you.

The 8-class Frequency of Love series with Rosan Cruz is designed to let go of the energetic ties that bind you to your past emotional relationships, connect with your heart center and restore self-love and increase compassion and sensitivity to others.

The classes are:
February 3: Clear Attachments to Past Relationships
February 7: Heal Heart Center
February 10: Drop Emotional Defensiveness
February 14: Clear Blocks
February 17: Open the Heart and Restore Love
February 21: Create Self-Love
February 24: Projection and Protection from the Heart
February 28: Awakening the Compassionate Heart

Kundalini Yoga is a powerful and profoundly transformative practice to help break through self-imposed limitations, increase self-awareness, and activate our inner power. The method uses breath, postures, sound, and meditation to strengthen the nervous system, balance the glandular system, tone the muscles, and release tension from the body.

The online series is open to all levels, and no previous yoga experience is needed. All you need is a laptop or mobile device for zoom, a good audio device to receive the gong vibrations, yoga mat, a water bottle, and to wear comfortable clothes.

The energy exchange is P400 per class or P2,880 for all eight classes via BPI, BDO, GCash or PayPal. As soon as your payment is completed, please send screenshot to receive the link to the Zoom session. For inquiries, SMS +63-918 888-9198.

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