Meet the Teachers

Manila, , Philippines - Yoga+ company shoot of staff, instructors and board members; shot at Bulb Studio, Makati.

Rosan Cruz

Rosan Cruz

Rosan Cruz maintains a fun and ethereal vibe in her Kundalini Yoga classes. She shares her passion for awareness and consciousness as a path toward healing, through regular yoga classes and workshops customized for individuals and groups, including corporate and non profit institutions.

Rosan first stepped on a yoga mat in New York in 1995, while on sabbatical leave from a stressful corporate job. Since that first Hatha Yoga class, she went on to study and practice several styles of yoga including Sivananda, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Bikram, Kundalini Yoga and Yin. Her path led her to train with yoga masters all over the world.

Over the years, her active lifestyle brought her various injuries from sports (running, biking, diving, mountain climbing), including cervical slipped disc and temporo mandibular joint disorder (TMJ) from work stress. She found solace and healing in yoga, leading her to pursue yoga professionally as a means to heal others.

She loves how the ancient technology of Kundalini Yoga goes beyond the physicality of the poses and awakens the practitioner spiritually. The practice consists of postures (asanas) with special breathing (pranayama), hand and finger gestures (mudras), body locks (bandhas), chanting (mantras) and meditation, together or in sequence to create exact, and specific effects to address a health concern or emotional issue. She wants to deepen her own practice, share her knowledge, and inspire others by teaching yoga.

Through her Kundalini Yoga classes, Rosan hopes to help students open their hearts, love themselves, and lead a happy, healthy, and strong life.

Rosan Cruz is a KRI-certified Level 2 kundalini yoga teacher and also a Theta Healing® practitioner and teacher, Gong Master, and a certified Dive Master.  Because of the pandemic, her yoga studio closed down and she offers hybrid classes, online and onsite at her home.


Marisa HarNadh

Marisa HarNadh

Marisa HarNadh’s classes are authentic, dynamic, fun, powerful, healing and transformative. She develops her classes intuitively based on the participants’ goals and intentions. She takes you to your edge to breakthrough toward your highest potential. She holds private, studio group classes and workshops, as well as, design appropriate themes for corporations and institutions.

Marisa HarNadh’s practice focus is centred around her passions the last 10+ yrs. that include: (1) Awareness and conscious living; (2) Detoxification; (3) Recovery from addictions (substance, emotional and psychic predispositions); (4) Yoga for Youth; (5) Yoga for Children with Special needs and their families; and (6) Pre-Natal yoga.

Marisa HarNadh lived in the Philippines the first 20 years of her life. For another 20+ she furthered her studies, got married, raised a child while working with some of the Fortune 500 firms in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. As she helped IT companies, banks and realty companies manage their investments and increase productivity, Marisa found herself burnt out and progressively dissatisfied with her 9 to 9 job. Money and the ‘toys’ it could buy did not compensate for her loss of peace of mind that turned into chronic aches and pains.

In 2006, Marisa HarNadh (HarNadh is her spiritual name) discovered the platform of Kundalini Yoga and shifted her priorities around being self-aware. She committed to pursue a deep, full time inner adventure of the Spirit, that led her to self-knowledge and life affirming authentic self-love through yogic technology, while she experienced and learned about human dynamics and the deceptions of an un-trained mind. She taught and shared her discoveries in various communities in Los Angeles. She went back to Asia in 2012 and has taught Kundalini Yoga & Meditation in the Philippines and Indonesia to be of service to people, communities and institutions, toward wellness and integration of body, mind and soul, that achieves Joy and Healing and Peace of Mind through yogic technology, prayer and meditation. She has cultivated a wonderful and strong Kundalini Yoga community in Manila and encouraged students to become teachers that share her vision of change through elevated Consciousness.

She continues to be guided by her Kundalini Yoga Master Teachers in Los Angeles and India, as well as, her other highly evolved teachers in various healing modalities such as healing energetics and sound resonance. She is committed and dedicates the rest of her life to bring forth Truth and Healing to our children and adults toward spiritual maturity and enlightenment.

From a life of burning at both ends, Marisa HarNadh has healed herself and is now determined to dedicate the rest of her life to be of service to others by teaching and building a community that is focused on higher consciousness that lead to Joy, Peace and Wellness.

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