Rebirthing Kundalini Yoga Weekend Retreat

There is no room for anything new unless old energies of the past, particularly from the womb, are released. If you take care of clearing out the past, you will be presented with new dreams, ideas, possibilities, and experiences. Join the Rebirthing Kundalini Yoga Retreat on the weekend of the Equinox on March 18 to 22, in Calaca, Batangas.

According to Sadhguru, “In the Yogic tradition, the Equinox is seen as a day when one has the best possibilities of transcending the limitation and compulsions of one’s physical longings.” It is said that during the equinox, the crystalline energy of light will be available for everyone to access and download for divine realignment, cleanse and to be able to connect to one’s path and life’s purpose. This is the perfect time to truly connect to one’s true power, light and create blessings, joy and love of life.

Rebirthing is deep, transformative, subtle and meditative. The powerful sound current of the gong is part of the process. The rebirthing weekend retreat is for intermediate and enthusiastic beginners who wish to go deeper into the profoundly healing effects of the practice.

The weekend retreat includes four rebirthing sessions, two sound healing gong bath sessions, two early morning sadhana, healthy vegan meals and accommodations at Subli Eco Center for three days and two nights. The package rate is P8,888 per person, not including transportation and incidentals. For info, SMS (0918) 888-9198.

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