Strengthen your Lungs 8-class Kundalini Yoga series with Rosan Cruz

With the news of more variants and extended lockdowns, most of us are coping with higher anxiety and stress levels. The best course of action is defense. As the covid-19 virus directly affects the respiratory system, it is imperative to strengthen the lungs and get them into better shape!

When the covid-19 virus gets into our body,  it moves down the respiratory tract – the airway that includes the mouth, nose, throat, and lungs.  The lungs become inflamed, making it difficult to breathe. The infection can lead to severe, life-threatening lung complications, such as pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome.

The lungs are the most significant organs in the body. Physiologically, the lungs provide us with the ability to re-oxygenate our blood and support all our body systems. On the mental and spiritual level, it allows us to take inspiration from life. 

The 8-class kundalini yoga series will help strengthen the lungs, support respiratory health, and promote mental wellbeing, calm, and peace.

The dates are:

October 4 – Cleanse the Lungs

October 7 –  New Lungs and Circulation

October 11 – Padmani for Energy and Healing

October 14  – Expand the Lung Capacity

October 18 – Governing the Breath

October 21 – Pittra Kriya

October 25 – Total Stimulation

October 28 – Become as Strong as Steel

Kundalini Yoga is a powerful and profoundly transformative practice to help break through self-imposed limitations, increase self-awareness, and activate our inner power. The method uses breath, postures, sound, and meditation to strengthen the nervous system, balance the glandular system, tone the muscles, and release tension from the body.

The workshop will be facilitated by internationally certified Level 2 Kundalini Yoga teacher Rosan Cruz. She is also a theta healer practitioner and teacher, Gong Master, and life coach.

The online series is open to all levels, and no previous yoga experience is needed. All you need is a laptop or mobile device for zoom, a yoga mat, a water bottle, and to wear comfortable clothes.

The energy exchange is P400 per class or P2,880 for access to all eight classes. As soon as your payment is completed, you’ll receive link to the Zoom session. Payment may be made via BPI, BDO, GCash, or Paypal. For inquiries, SMS +63-918 888-9198

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