Autumn Equinox Kundalini Yoga with Rosan Cruz

The equinox happens twice a year when the day and night are of equal length. On September 22, Wednesday, the equinox occurs on the first day of Libra. The zodiac sign Libra is all about the scales, finding harmony and balance in our relationships, emotional conditions, or current circumstances.

Quantum enery healer Meg Benedicte describes this coming equinox as “ a sacred moment when all stands still in the balance of opposites. … During these cosmic zero-point moments, we experience a ‘day out of time’ phenomenon. Zero is the energy of infinite possibilities and instills very potent balancing.”

The equinox in Libra represents a massive point of release, guiding us to let go of anything and everything toxic, including past events, situations, and circumstances. This is an opportune time to honor change, resets, new choices, and commitments. It is both a time of harvest and planting new seeds for new intentions, a completion, and a beginning of something.

Rebrithing class with Rosan Cruz

The 75-minute Rebirthing class will help release fear and phobias. We will start with a kriya to give us the capacity to let go of anything, which blocks the clarity of our minds.

Kundalini Yoga is a scientific practice that progressively strengthens the nervous and glandular systems to develop intuition, intelligence, healing, and spiritual insight.All yoga levels are welcome.

The energy exchange for the rebirthing class is P550 via BPI, BDO, GCash, or Paypal. The online class is via zoom. Wear comfortable clothes. You’ll need a laptop or mobile device to connect to zoom, a yoga mat, an eye covering, and a water bottle. DM your deposit slip to get the link to join the class.For info, SMS (0918) 888-9198.

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