Celebrate Solstice Kundalini Yoga

Solstice is when the Earth seems to stand still on its axis before it begins its return journey around the sun, allowing for the seasons’ change. It is a Celebration of Light and Creativity, bringing in frequency energy! It is said that it is a sacred and significant tipping point that brings a shift of energy.

The Solstice occurs on Tuesday, June 21 at 5:13 pm.

Bali and Manila will celebrate together and be hosting a pre-solstice event on Sunday, June 19, at 3:30 pm.

Although Bali and Manila are in the same time zone, Bali is located south of the equator, signifying Winter Solstice. While Manila is north of the equator, which is Summer Solstice. The event represents the merging of the two hemispheres.

All yoga levels are welcome. Please message to get the zoom link. Satnam!

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