Ocean Clean up and Yoga Weekend on October 19-20

Let’s start saving our ocean and keep our coastline plastic free! It is important to keep our beaches clean if we hope to keep our oceans clean. The sand and surf is far more than a place to build sand castles and take a dive.

Most sea animals mistake trash for certain food sources. Last March, a dead juvenile male Cuvier’s beaked whale who washed up on the shores of Davao was found with 40 kilograms of plastic waste in his stomach. The animal had died from “gastric shock” after ingesting so much plastic.

According to a National Geographic report, “As the plastic pollution crisis grows, more and more dolphins, whales, birds, and fish are found dead with their stomachs full of plastic. In 2015, scientists estimated that around 90 percent of all seabirds have ingested some amount of plastic; UNESCO estimates that 100,000 marine mammals die because of plastic pollution each year.”

Plastics also end up in the seafood we eat. It is not yet know how our body processes plastic after it is swallowed. A study by researchers at the University of Ghent found that the average person who eats seafood swallows up to 11,000 pieces of microplastic every year.

Join the beach clean up scheduled on October 19-20 at Casa Encodido in Anilao, Batanga with kundalini yoga and meditation and sound healing gong bath. Level 2 Kundalini Yoga teacher Rosan Cruz will lead the yoga and sound healing gong bath.

For more info, contact +63977 837 2272,  email casaescondidaanilao@gmail.com or visit here.

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