Release Inner Anger and Shift from Fear to Love


It’s all about Love this February month! Yoga+ Makati hosts two 2-hour Kundalini Yoga feature classes to open your heart to greater joy and happiness.

Each feature class will touch on emotions that can hold you back such as anger and fear. Thus, you may feel a new level of self-love and self-respect and as a result, your relationships with family, friends and co-workers may improve and become more satisfying.

Let go of Inner Anger from 10am to 12NN
Anger that is not expressed stays and becomes ingrained in the psyche as neuroses. They become habitual reaction patterns and when confronted by everyday challenges, neuroses are triggered automatically and set off a series of actions and reactions. Let go of inner anger before it harms you. This class will teach you how to channel inner anger to protect yourself and gracefully create a comfortable life for you and those you care about.

Shift from Fear to Love from 2pm to 4pm
Fear is an instinctual reaction to avoid harm and remain safe. The sensations are tangible – butterflies in the stomach, shakes, jitters, heebie-jeebies.It is real and grips your thoughts and manifests as doubts, suspicion and eventually, inactivity. This class teaches participants how to harness fear to deliver peace, courage and confidence.

The gong will be played at the end of each class to release any remaining stagnant energy and blocks. The sound vibrations will improve your circulation, repair your body at the cellular level, and allow deep healing to take place.

The feature classes will be led by Kundalini Yoga teacher Rosan Cruz.

Conquer anger and fear. Welcome loving relationships and a more fulfilling life this 2016. The regular rate will be P799 per class or P1,499 for both classes. Click here:

All yoga levels are welcome. Wear comfortable clothes and bring a water bottle. Yoga+ Makati will provide bath towels and yogitoes. The studio is located at 3/F Cambridge Center Tordesillas St., Salcedo Village, Makati. For more info, call 847-0697 or text (0927) 558-1829.

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