What is a Mantra


Mantra is a sound, syllable, word or group of words that are capable of creating transformation through its repetition. Mantra comes from the words – “Man” or mind and “trang” protective vibration. It means echoing, resonance vibration that protects the mind, to stop the thinking mind from having predominant presence.

The science of mantra is based on the knowledge that sound is a form of energy having structure, power, and a definite predictable effect on the chakras and the human psyche.  In Kundalini Yoga, mantras elevate or modify consciousness through their meaning and rhythmical repetition. This is energized through repeitition (japa), concentration (dhyana) and devotion (bhakti) then divine energy (Shakti) is awakened and materializes in the form of inner peace (such).

The science of Naad Yoga, which is thousands of years old, Naad is the basic sound current and universal code behind all languages and human communication. It is the inner sound that is subtle and all present. Naad works with the movement of each part of the tongue, stimulating the 84 meridian points located in the upper palate of the mouth as the word is repeated. These meridian points stimulate the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland in the brain directly and immediately influence glandular function, which in turn alters and transforms mood, thought, emotions, behavior and physical health.

The brain receives impulses from the repetition of the patterns of sound in the Shabd Guru. The rhythm is basic to install the vibration of the mantra in the mind and override the pattern of thought. Many positive states of the mind can be created using the Shabd Guru. It can conquer depression, enhance intelligence and intuition, and open the power of compassion. Essentially, it pulls the consciousness towards expansion.

Bij means ‘seed’ and a seed mantra is generally one syllable and is known as a root mantra. The concept is that when a seed is sown it grows into a fruitful tree in the same manner the pronunciation of a Bij mantra produces powerful effects. Each Bij mantra has its own power and significance and when pronounced with other mantras brings in extra power to the existing mantra.

Sat Nam is a bij mantra which means “Truth is my Identity” (Sat is Truth and Nam is Identity). As you chant this, it plants the seed of universal truth in your consciousness and clears the subconscious mind. This mantra is an experience in itself. By chanting, you call into your awareness the state of the vibration of truth, creating an internal experience of what these words represent – truth, enlightenment, consciousness and awareness.

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