Success & Prosperity 8-class Kundalini Yoga series with Rosan Cruz

Prosperity begins inside, with our internal attitude. When you connect to this internal attitude of prosperity, you will become a magnet, and the abundance of the universe will flow without stopping. Learn to create a sensitivity within and a prosperous mental horizon.

The 8-class series is designed for those who want to shift their consciousness to a state of prosperity to:

* break through blocks that have been holding you back

* develop greater self-love and self-worth

* minimize anxiety and fear

* rewire your nervous system for success

The  8-class series dates are:

August 2 – Wheels of Prosperity

August 5 – Intuition and Power to Heal

August 9 – Self-Worth and Affirmative Action

August 12– Open the Heart for Prosperity

August 16 – Answered Prayers

August 19 – Radiant Body and Golden Success

August 23– Living from the Soul

August 26– Green Energy for Abundance

Each class includes various elements of the ancient practice of Kundalini Yoga such as breathing exercises (pranayama), kriyas (yoga poses), mudras (hand gestures) chanting, meditation, and more.

Discover your unlimited reserve energy, when you invoke your energy, there’s nothing small in you and everything starts flying towards you – opportunities, people, events, you will be a magnet. It’s a beautiful way of life.  Change your luck and allow prosperity to flow into your life now.

The online series is open to all levels, no previous yoga experience is needed. All you need is a laptop or mobile device for zoom, a yoga mat, a water bottle, and to wear comfortable clothes.

The energy exchange is P400 per class or P2,880 for all eight classes. As soon as your payment is completed, you’ll automatically receive the details and link to the Zoom session via email. For inquiries, SMS +63-918 888-9198.

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