Kundalini Yoga at Global Mala Manila 2016

Once again the Global Mala Project Manila, hosted by Teresa Herrera-Anthony and Al Jarreau Galang yearly, was held at the White Space Makati last Sept 24, 2016.  Now on it’s ninth year, this is part of the Global Mala Project, a worldwide effort o promote peace and raise social consciousness to bring positive change through yoga. 100% of the proceeds of this event will be donated to the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women Asia-Pacific.

This annual event was founded by  Teresa’s yoga mentor Shiva Rae in 2007.  The idea is to have the yoga community from all over the world  to come together each year during solistice  to form a “mala around the earth”.

This year, there were 30 classes and nine talks scheduled. Rosan Cruz taught at 9:30 am  in the morning, a Kundalini Yoga class which focused on attracting prosperity and abundance and treated the participants with a gong bath after.



Kundalini Yoga and sound healing by Rosan Cruz (photo credit: Ian Paredes)



Kundalini Yoga meditation led by Rosan Cruz (photo credit: Jenn Rivera)

International Master teacher Kirantana Khalsa who is in the Philippines to teach the core foundations of Kundalini Laya Yoga, taught in the afternoon at 1:00pm and gave a satsang at 3:00pm. Kirantana is an accomplished musician, author, peacekeeper, healer, and Naturopathic Medical Doctor. He was the only student publicly recognized by Yogi Bhajan, the founder of Kundalini Yoga in the United States as a master of Kundalini Laya Yoga before his passing in 2004.


Kundalini Laya Yoga Master teacher Kirantana Khalsa (photo credit: Pia Casequin)


Kirantana Khalsa at the jam drum (photo credit: Pia Casequin)

Watch out for next year’s Global Mala!


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